Friday, October 16, 2009

Started copying my databases to mysql2, making sure it relays to cirrus.

There was some problem at start where I had to do "STOP SLAVE" and then "START SLAVE" again on cirrus for the data to start being relayed. Strange, we'll have to keep an eye on it.

I copy data from quetzal to cumulus like this:

erl@cumulus:/etc/mysql$ mysqldump -h -P 3307 --extended-insert --databases Languages --password=*** | mysql2 --password=***

(Multiple databases can be listed after 'Languages' with spaces in between.

2.7 GB used on cumulus after the first database server has been copied.

Will now copy the bigger database with the photos.

I observed the slave being at most 1114 seconds after the master.

We need a system for removing master log files after they have been replicated to all slaves. Replication logs seem to be trimmed automatically.

I should time transferring the biggest database, which is ~25GB (My photos), just for curiosity
mysqld process on cirrus is running at 95-108 % CPU (due to Hyperthreading) and computer is reported to be ~50% idle. Doing SSL encryption of all the data is what I guess is taking up the CPU time.

Turned off the regular logging, started the biggest transfer, timing it.

Sigh. Windows update rebooted the PC I was running the stuff from, and now I have to restart. I'm glad I have this blog with the commands I was running! Started at about 11:30.

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