Saturday, October 17, 2009

Noted the ubuntu command update-rc.d which can be used when installing init.d scripts, like:
update-rc.d mydns defaults
Started copying files from my afs server to the regular filesystem on cumulus.

eth0 will be LAN, and eth1 Internet interfaces.

Started setting up two MyDNS servers. Made the /etc/init.d/mydns into two files /etc/init.d/mydns-lan and /etc/init.d/mydns-internet. Made them use different conf files, /etc/mydns-lan.conf and /etc/mydns-internet.conf. The conf files access the shared database (port 3306) or my database (port 3307).

Next task is to import the external DNS info into the right MyDNS database. I'll try to pull the info from Mårten's DNS server so I don't get the intranet version.

Building mydns on Cirrus:
tar -xf mydns-
cd mydns-1.2.8
sudo apt-get install g++ gcc libmysqlclient15-dev
nice make -j4
sudo make install
Then finally ran this on cumulus:
sudo mydnsimport --conf=/etc/mydns-internet.conf --replace --verbose
Seems to have worked. Do the same for the other zones, but pulled some of them from Then import the intranet zones:
sudo mydnsimport --axfr=sol --conf=/etc/mydns-lan.conf --replace --verbose
In theory, all the DNS data should be in the databases, and replicated to cirrus. Checked it, looks good.

Next step is to try to serve intranet DNS from the new server.

Having problems specifying port for mydns server. Will continue with this later.

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