Monday, March 31, 2008

Sofia-SIP is not seeing the ACK.

It looks like the problem I had before & I don't remmeber how I solved it.

ACK UDP packets not getting through to the UA process. Strange that it works for FreeSwitch.

FreeSwitch's ACKs going to port 5080. That's probably why it works. What's special about port 5080?

Easiest quick fix is probably to get my app to use port 5080, the same way FreeSwitch does.

Would be good to find out why this is neccessary though.
Sofia-SIP update.

My UA is sending multiple OKs to the INVITE.

My app is getting nua_callstate_completed, but not nua_callstate_ready.

Is Sofia not liking the ACK?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Current problem:

Working with Sofia-SIP.

I've previously had problems because my app is running on the same machine doing the NATing, which caused great confusion with port mapping. I'm not sure how I solved that, or if the current problem is related or not.

The problem is that my app (UA) doesn't get a "callstate ready" when answering a call. I do get a callstate completed.

Could be SDP-related.

I think this app worked when I last worked on it, in August 2007.

Will continue tracking this down next time I have time.